Ecology and economy –

working together for the Ems region

Working together for a navigable and living river. Commerce and nature are given equal priority on the Ems – the contract partners of the Master Plan Ems 2050 are bound by these principles. The federal and state governments, the Emsland and Leer districts, the city of Emden, Meyer Werft, and the environmental associations BUND, NABU, and WWF have agreed to realise these goals by the year 2050. This placated a conflict smouldering for decades. In other words: EU directives on nature, water and sea conservation will be fulfilled, and jobs will be secured and created.

Contract   Objectives   Measures

A massive undertaking –

a large alliance

A comprehensive and long-term undertaking like the Master Plan Ems 2050 requires support from a wide variety of interest groups. A large, cooperative alliance stands behind the plans, and ensures the fine-tuning of the measures and the security of the interests of all involved over the span of 35 years.